Getting Started

How to get started with our cryptocurrency investment program

At every turn, we’ve set up a platform that’s accessible and easy to use for anyone. We’ve created a user-friendly interface with clear navigation, seamless registration and a series of shortcuts to make your participation as quick as possible. Below is a quick guide to help you move through the process easily.

1. Open your account (it's free)

It couldn't be easier to open your account. It’s free and open to anyone in the world, and there are no structured fees associated with your account. To open your account, simply click on the registration icon and fill out a short form.

2. Find information about the services we offer

In order to determine what options will work best for your financial goals, it’s crucial that you learn about the services available. We offer three different plans and an affiliate earning program. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us to learn more.

3. Make a deposit

After you have created your account, select your first investment and click the sign up icon beneath your choice. Please note that your account must be funded before you can purchase a plan. The minimum investment amount is only 0.002 BTC.

4. Track the growth of your investment.

Once you've made your investment, no further action is required. Simply watch the growth of your investment over time.

5. Payout service

Once you have initiated your payout request, your withdrawal will become available to you within 5 minutes. There are no fees associated with withdrawing.

6. Become an affiliate

We love to reward our members. Read about our referral and representative opportunities to find out how you can maximize your profits on our platform.

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